WISE Leadership

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In this, our 23rd year, WISE will be led by the following members. Together they form the WISE Council.


Sue Durham, President
Joe Corn, 1st Vice President
Marsha Addis, 2nd Vice President
Sandy Meltzer, Secretary
Chris Liazos, Treasurer

Council Members-at-Large

Elaine Bloom
Kathy Drew (new)
Josette Kaplan
Chuck Perkins (new)

Technology Advisor

Karl Hakkareinen

Committee Chairs

Communications: Marsha Addis (through 12-31-2015), Elaine Bloom (on 1-1-2016)
Curriculum: Rose Anne Farrandino
Nominating: Dave Gilligan
Special Events: Cookie Nelson
Travel: Chris Durham


Paul Mahon


Class Assistant Coordinator:  Bobbi Corn
Registrar:  Minna Gregerman