Getting started with the iPad

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Many WISE members use their iPads to attend classes and join club meetings. The iPad is more portable than your laptop or desktop computer, letting you find a comfortable chair where you can settle in and learn.

New members might wonder how this works. We’ve collected a few suggested starting places.

iPad setup basics

Apple has provided a handy resource for setting up your iPad

In addition, there are some very good You Tube videos. Go to YouTube and search for “How to” Basics for iPad:

This YouTube video, for example, shows you how to download Zoom onto your mobile device.

Your local Apple Store offers limited in-person help and instructor during the pandemic, but they’ll be back. Another resource, Mac at Work in Shrewsbury MA, offers One on One Remote Support. Check them out at


WISE members can also attend the Monday morning Zoom Coffee Break to pick more tips on how to use Zoom, no matter what type of device you have.