Course List

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WISE Courses – Spring 2021

C1. 2120 South Michigan Avenue – The Story of Chess Records

Starts: February 1 10:00 AM

C2. Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron (10 Week Course)

Starts: February 1 1:00 PM

C3. Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religious Life during the Pandemic

Starts: February 1 3:00 PM

C4. World Expositions in the 19th Century – How We Learned What’s New in the World

Starts: February 2 10:00 AM

C5. Imposters, Con Artists and Their Webs of Deception

Starts: February 2 1:00 PM

C6. WWII in the Pacific: Island Hopping 1942-1944

Starts: February 2 3:00 PM

C7. World Economic History since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Starts: February 2 5:00 PM

C8. Getting Old (10 Week Course)

Starts: February 3 10:00 AM

C9. Racism and Antiracism in American History

Starts: February 3 1:00 PM

C10. The Incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsburg:Her Life and Legacy

Starts: February 3 3:00 PM

C11. The Divine Comedy

Starts: February 4 10:00 AM

C12. Shall We Laugh? Two Dramatic Comedies

Starts: February 4 1:00 PM

C13. Religion and the Constitution

Starts: February 4 3:00 PM

C14. Introduction to Bird Watching

Starts: February 5 10:00 AM

C15. How to Read the Bible

Starts: February 5 1:00 PM

C16. Coming-of-Age Films

Starts: February 5 3:00 PM

D1. The Endless Civil War: Debunking the Myth of “The Lost Cause”

Starts: March 22 10:00 AM

D3. Great Movie Music

Starts: March 22 3:00 PM

D4. Habitats of Massachusetts

Starts: March 23 10:00 AM

D5. An Introduction to the Human Immune System

Starts: March 23 1:00 PM

D6. Marshall McLuhan – Prophet of Zoom

Starts: March 23 3:00 PM

D8. The 1913 Armory Show – Modern Art Comes to America

Starts: March 24 1:00 PM

D9. Suburbia in Postwar America

Starts: March 24 3:00 PM

D10. Travel with Words: Essays About the World

Starts: March 25 10:00 AM

D11. Shakespeare and the Sonnet

Starts: March 25 1:00 PM

D12. Beyond Heller: Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Starts: March 25 3:00 PM

D13. Einstein’s Special and General Relativity for the Non-Scientist

Starts: March 26 10:00 AM

D14. Christianity and Culture

Starts: March 26 1:00 PM

D15. Winter Botany: Trees

Starts: March 26 3:00 PM

D16. How to Read Art

Starts: March 24 10:00 AM

Murder Hornets 101

Starts: January 29 1:00 PM