By Elaine Bloom For a teacher, summer is considered a time to recharge the batteries by learning something new, doing something out of the ordinary. This summer I learned new things by immersing myself in the history of France during a two-week river cruise on the Seine and the Rhone. The first week featured aspects … Read more

WISE Leadership

In this, our 23rd year, WISE will be led by the following members. Together they form the WISE Council. Officers Sue Durham, President Joe Corn, 1st Vice President Marsha Addis, 2nd Vice President Sandy Meltzer, Secretary Chris Liazos, Treasurer Council Members-at-Large Elaine Bloom Kathy Drew (new) Josette Kaplan Chuck Perkins (new) Technology Advisor Karl Hakkareinen … Read more

Quote of the Month

“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.” — Jim Fiebig Jim Fiebig was born into the retail jewelry business in Jonesville, Michigan. He began engraving and small jewelry repairs at age 10 in his parent’s store. After receiving a BA in Music Composition from … Read more

Four WISE Members Attend the 25th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

Your intrepid members Sandy Meltzer, Marsha Addis, Karl and Sandra Hakkarainen ventured to Harvard September 17 to attend this prestigious (and funny, as you can tell from the event title and our hats) ceremony.* Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded for achievements that first make people LAUGH, and then make them THINK. The “Igs” are intended … Read more

Brave New Words

Washashores: Cape Codders who’ve moved there from elsewhere. (Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Newsletter, September 2015) Koozie: An insulating sleeve that fits over a beverage can or bottle to keep it cool. (The Oxford English Dictionary, quarterly update June 2015) Zarf: A cardboard gripper that slips around the center of a cup to keep the contents … Read more