Upgrade your Zoom app

Zoom regularly updates the desktop app with new features and bug fixes. WISE uses features from the latest version. As a result, it can be confusing if you’re using an older version of Zoom. (Updates are handled differently on mobile devices, such your tablet or smartphone.) To see if you need to update your app, … Read more

Getting started with the iPad

Many WISE members use their iPads to attend classes and join club meetings. The iPad is more portable than your laptop or desktop computer, letting you find a comfortable chair where you can settle in and learn. New members might wonder how this works. We’ve collected a few suggested starting places. iPad setup basics Apple … Read more

Spring 2020 Course Listing Now Available

Even though we’re just heading into winter, it’s time to think about spring, specifically, about the WISE courses for Spring 2021.  Go to our WISE Courses page and see the outstanding courses in art, history, music, science, literature, drama, and nature. All courses are offered on Zoom, so you can join us wherever you are, wearing … Read more

Etiquette in these days of modern times

During the summer, I went to dinner with some friends, members of a tech-oriented email group that met in person every year or two. We told stories about tropospheric refraction, Thoreau’s walk to Wachusett Mountain, and Maxwell’s equations and light. Each of us used our cellphones to check facts and show pictures. After about 15 minutes of … Read more