Etiquette in these days of modern times

During the summer, I went to dinner with some friends, members of a tech-oriented email group that met in person every year or two. We told stories about tropospheric refraction, Thoreau’s walk to Wachusett Mountain, and Maxwell’s equations and light. Each of us used our cellphones to check facts and show pictures. After about 15 minutes of … Read more

Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion

On Saturday, September 12, I led a discussion at the New England Regional Developers (yep, NERD) 2015 Summit. Titled Context is key – providing support in a release-break-fix world, the session included many of the things that I’ve learned while being technology adviser for WISE. You can see a copy of my slides here.

Tip of the month

As if we needed another way to waste time learn random things,  Google gives us Fun Facts. Go to and type in Fun Facts. You’ll get a random tidbit from goodness knows where about goodness knows what. Click here for an example.

How I spent my summer vacation

When we were kids, summer seemed to stretch on forever. I’d get a buzzcut from my father in late June, kick off my shoes, and head for the lake. We had television, courtesy of an antenna in a big oak tree. We are on a hill in north central Massachusetts, so TV reception was good. … Read more